We are a small family business which was founded in 1996. Our registered name is Cape Hothouse Vegetables CC; our trading name is Fynbos Fine Foods.

We are situated in the Swartland area approximately 55km outside of Cape Town, South Africa just off the N7 in a small farming district called Tierfontein.

We grow a large variety of chillies. At Fynbos Fine Foods all of our products are made from the freshest produce.

The chillies, are picked early in the morning from our fields and are then bottled in our kitchens under extremely hygienic conditions.

We have a gourmet commercial kitchen on the farm where we bottle the finest range of products for the local and overseas market.


For a productive chilli plant we need healthy seedlings.

We specialise in chillies growing twelve different varieties as well as lemons and watermelon.

Here you can see one of our many chilli fields.

Harvesting & Drying


Our products are handmade. Each tomato in our pasta sauce is hand peeled.

Fynbos Fine Foods produces all natural products. Our products have no preservatives, no colourants and no additives.

We specialize in drying, smoking, preserving, pickling and growing the finest produce and products.

Packaging and selling products

Selling products

Our staff.