• Paprika (1)

    Is one of the mildest chillies. It is used mainly dried and crushed and under used in the fresh market. The flesh of a paprika is quite thin and easy to dry.

    Can be used fresh in stir-fry, salads, stuffed and in sauces.

  • Jalapeno (5)

    One of the most used chillies in the world. It is of medium heat. Used green or red in the fresh form. Can be smoked and dried as a form of preserving. We prefer preserving them in vinegar and salt brine.

  • Habanero (10+)

    Tropical fruity taste and related to a Scotch Bonnet. Dark green to orange, orange red or red. They are 30-50 times hotter than Jalapenos.

    Use: Compatible with recipes using tomatoes and fruit. Used in salsa, chutneys, and seafood marinades.

  • Cayenne Passion (5)

    Most common. Use fresh, green or red, or dried as a powder. Changes from green to yellow red. Some varieties of Cayenne are very hot.

    Use: Can stand in for serranos, jalapenos and habaneros

  • Serrano (7)

    Bright yet dark green to scarlet. Thick-fleshed with biting heat and high acidity.

    Use: Good combined with tomatoes and coriander, in salsa, pickles, sauces, guacamole. Can be roasted.

  • Thai (8)

    Bright medium green to red, thin and pointed

    Use: These are pounded for pastes and used to decorate Thai dishes. They have a lingering heat.Dries well.

  • Birds eye (9)

    Bright medium green to red. Thin-fleshed with lots of seeds and heat.

    Use: Often tossed into stir-fries. Beware!