• Pepper Drops

    Pepper Drops are grown and pickled on the farm and were initially for the pizza market. As the years have gone by so Pepper Drops have become even more versatile e.g. can be stuffed with cheese or rice or added to salad and sauces.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the Pepper Drops they are similiar to the Peppadew (not our product).

  • Green Jalapeno Drops

    Our Jalapenos are the plumpest and finest available and only the best of the pick are used for our Jalapeno Drops. They can be, served with cheese, fish or fried rice, tossed into salads, used in stews, casseroles and are delicious spread on pizza bases and sandwiches, to add a zing and flavour.

  • Marinated Peppers

    These add wonderful colour and flavour to any dish or salad. Use on pizza, or sandwiches, in stir fries, pita bread or, as a side dish. Eat them as a snack straight out of the bottle. Use the marinade in pasta sauces, or to marinade fish, chicken or meat.